It’s been nearly two years since the first episode of Gemini so for one night only we bring him back for a special Halloween episode!


The world as we know it is over. A deadly virus has spread throughout the world bringing the dead back to life, all we can do now is survive.

Energon Media Presents Z Diary, a new 15 part series beginning Sunday 10th March 2013. The world as we know it has been infected by a virus, can the survivors stay alive?

A cross between call of duty and modern warfare and other first person games or 3rd person.

A joint collaboration of Energon Media and Outpost 51 Films – Imagine awakening not knowing where you are or who you are and being all on your own.

Target; A short created in our spare time for a giggle. Enjoy!

Energon Media Presents Clone Tech Rise of the Clones; Have the clones perfected the cloning  process, and have they created the perfect solider? Find out as clone tech returns.

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